RIPLEY, W.V. - Carrie Myers likes purses. She was shopping at the quarter store in Ripley, found one she liked and bought it. But when she looked through the purse at home, she found out she got much more than she bargained -- inside was a Purple Heart and a picture

The back of the medal is inscribed with the name "James F. Sneed." Myers started looking for Sneed's family. But she didn't have any luck there.

I tried locally going through the phone book and personal, but nobody seems to know.

Myers has had the medal for about two years now and has had no luck finding its owner or his family. Now she's hoping getting the story out combined with the power of Facebook will help. She says it's a mission she's determined to accomplish because her cousin is Jessica Lynch, who also has a purple heart.

"They put their on life on the line for someone like me, for my family, for my kids to live their life, and live freely," she said.

The Department of Veterans' Assistance says getting hold of them is the best thing to do because they can look up the person and possibly find a family member.

"With a name it's not a guarantee, but it's a much better chance," Heather Ransom with West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance said. "So it's a positive outlook there."

Myers said it's extremely upsetting to know that Sneed doesn't have his medal anymore. But she isn't going to give up until the medal is back where it belongs.

"It will be great. Just to know that I was able to help. It will mean something to me to know it's back where it belongs," she said.

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