He's a 13-year-old with amazing amount of courage and character. Gabe has only been playing saxaphone for a few months, but that didn't stop him from performing with a college band!

Gabe is looking for A Place to Call Home.

Gabe sat right in the middle of the saxaphone section at Lindenwood University, just like he's been doing it his entire life.

This teen is very musically inclined. He can play about 4 instruments. Gabe also does great in school.

But Gabe is missing one vital element to be able to reach his full potential .. a family.

Gabe also has a little wish. He would like drum lessons and speed sticks.

If you would like to grant Gabe's little wish or find out more about adopting him, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800-FOSTER3.

A special thank you to Dr. Curtis and the Lindenwood band for giving Gabe an experience he will not soon forget!

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