Lewis is a 12-year-old with lots of smiles and heart. He is a polite, sweet young man with a heart of gold. He likes to "play around" in his free time. Lewis is a car-enthusiast and one of his favorite places to go is the car museum.

To Lewis, being adopted means that he "can have a forever family."

Lewis also loves music. He will try his hand at any instrument you put in front of him but has a soft spot for the guitar and drums.

Lewis is smart and says he's a quick learner. He's creative and makes friends easily. Lewis is passionate about the things he believes in - one of which is staying drug-free! Lewis was one of the only children in his grade chosen to win the DARE Award for an essay he wrote about staying drug free and making good choices. Lewis is very proud of this accomplishment!

Lewis also has a little wish. He would like an electric guitar and amp.

If you would like to learn more about becoming part of Lewis' life or granting his little wish, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 800.FOSTER.3 (314.367.8373).

And a big thanks to Dave Simon at Dave Simon's Rock School for jamming with Lewis. To learn more about lessons or camps, please call (314) 692-7625 or visit

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