JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KSDK) - Comparing car shopping to getting an abortion: It's the analogy that has a Lake St. Louis lawmaker under fire. He made the comments during a hearing over an abortion-related bill. The Missouri House bill would extend the amount of time between a woman's initial meeting with an abortion provider and the actual procedure. Right now, the law requires 24 hours. The bill would change it to 72. But more people are talking about some comments made about the bill than the bill itself.

During a committee hearing, the bill's sponsor, Lake St. Louis State Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger, explained his process when he makes purchasing decisions.

"Even when I buy a new vehicle, this is my experience again, I don't go right in there and say I want to buy that vehicle and then you leave with it," said Gatschenberger, a Republican.

He also brought up the process he uses to purchase carpet. Directly after, several lawmakers voiced their anger over those comments, one calling them "highly inflammatory and disrespectful to women," another, saying they were "insulting."

"Your comments were extremely offensive to every single woman sitting in here," said State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis County) to Gatschenberger, at the hearing.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with Newman Monday. She told us she's still fired up about the bill and the comments made by its sponsor.

"This wasn't a flippant comment, it was to shame women on a personal private matter that he has no background in," Newman said.

After Newman again called Gatschenberger's attitude 'demeaning' during the hearing, Gatschenberger did say 'that was not the intention.' And he said he apologized if that's how it came across.

We called Gatschenberger's office three times Monday and emailed him but did not hear back.

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