ST. LOUIS - A Missouri senator says radioactive waste at a landfill in north County, may have to be moved someday.

NewsChannel 5 has been telling you about the concerns at the West Lake Landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency recently said it wants to start construction of a barrier between the radioactive material and an underground fire in the nearby Bridgeton Landfill. It's also bringing in the Army Corps of Engineers to lend their expertise on the barrier's construction.

On Monday, Republican Sen. Roy Blunt told NewsChannel 5 he's watching the situation closely, and wants to make sure the safety of people living nearby is the top priority.

"At the end of the day we need to figure out the best way in that community to help those families. Whether that's to secure that site in a better way or move that material," said Blunt.

He says it's a tough decision, because opening the ground and hauling the waste could create a whole new set of problems.

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