FLORISSANT, Mo. – Two men who each hope to lead St. Louis County faced off in Florissant Thursday night.

Republicans Rick Stream and Tony Pousosa are running for St. Louis County executive. So far, much of the race's attention has centered around the Democratic candidates, Charlie Dooley and Steve Stenger, so NewsChannel 5 asked the Republicans how they're making sure their message is heard.

"People wanna hear something positive and they want to hear what your qualifications are not all this negative stuff that's coming from the Democrats," said Stream.

"I tease 'em and say well you are getting a live commercial and a lot of people are impressed that a county candidate would knock on your door and ask me what's important to me," said Pousosa.

The primary election is Aug. 5. We'll have live coverage on NewsChannel 5 and results on

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