(NBC) - Consumers are being warned about an ingredient in some pet shampoos that could lead to a serious allergic reaction.

Ginger, a lovable three year old Pomeranian became ill recently, but her owner, Laura Hughes, could not determine the cause.

"I noticed her abdomen was very red. You couldn't really touch her. It seemed like it would hurt her skin to even contact," said Hughes.

After a trip to the vet and medication to treat the problem, Ginger only got worse.

By the time Hughes took her pet to see Dr. John Fondacaro, she was in trouble.

"Her x-rays show edema everywhere. She had so much blood in her lungs. We just weren't sure... sorry. And they said she may not make it. We're gonna do the best we can," said Hughes.

Hughes blames a reaction to the shampoo used by the dog's groomer for the near fatal condition of her pet.

"Since this product that I've now looked at the ingredient list, includes this D-Lemonine in it, which is recognized to cause both topical reactions and can create a reaction like this, it's the most likely offending agent," said Dr. Fondacaro.

D-Lemonine is a botanical extract, which according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is not recommended for use on dogs or cats.

Dr. Fondacaro recommends testing a patch of skin on a pet before applying any product containing D-Limonine.

According to Dr. Fondacaro, "Ginger appears to have made a full recovery, so that is really great."

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