PYONGYANG, North Korea (NBC) - Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is visiting North Korea, traveling with a contingent of Harlem Globetrotters to put on a basketball skills camp in the Communist nation.

"They're going to come out to see us, we're going to teach them a couple of skills, we're going to teach them, we're going to show them what we do, as being the Harlem Globetrotters, try a lot of magic with the basketball, a lot of wizardry, a lot of fun and entertainment," said Bull Bullard.

An HBO TV crew traveled with Rodman and three members of the Globetrotters basketball team for a news show on North Korea, which will air later this year. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is said to be a huge basketball fan.

Known for attracting controversy, Rodman told reporters soon after landing in Pyongyang that he was in the country to teach basketball and talk to people, not to stir up trouble.

"It's my first time, I think it's most of these guys' first time here, so hopefully everything's going to be okay, and hoping the kids have a good time for the game," Rodman said.