By Jeanne Moos, CNN

Who better to review the movie "Gravity" than a guy who doesn't just talk the talk, but has actually walked the space walk.

"What you see in movie is kind of like a bad day, not just a bad day, but a bad day on steroids," said professor and former astronaut Mike Massimino with Columbia University Engineering School.

On his two flights into space, Massimino never had debris crash into him as Sandra Bullock does. Instead of being flung into space, his spacewalks were like a slow dance.

"I was really excited when I saw accuracy of my telescope, payload bay, and tools. I wasn't really looking at Sandra Bullock at all. Sorry. I saw my tools float behind Sandra Bullock's head. You recognized, I recognized my wire cutter," said Massimino.

What he did not recognize was Sandra's heavy breathing.

"When you're breathing heavy, you're using more oxygen," said Massimino.

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson nitpicked via Twitter, noting that nearly all satellites orbit earth west to east not east to west as in the film. And he pondered, "Why Bullock's hair, in otherwise convincing zero-G scenes, did not float freely on her head," as even Massimino's short hair did.

The real astronaut doesn't quibble with Sandra Bullock's spacesuit. It's what's under her spacesuit that wasn't so realistic.

"The undergarments were not accurate, but again, it's a movie," said Massimino.

And which would you rather see, Sandra Bullock in boxer shorts or the fancy long underwear with tubing that real astronauts wear under their spacesuits?

While the movie astronauts were having their tethers severed, the worst thing that happened to Massimino was a hole in his glove.

He says he misses being up in space and the movie reminded him of being there.

"For me, I'm just an astronaut not a movie critic, but I give it a thumbs up," said Massimino.

An astronaut looking for holes in his glove, not in the plot.

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