1. Watching the Cardinals take the field with the birds on the bat as I have a Bud Light with my dad. We all have heroes. Some hit homers, others throw strikes. I've spent the last 23 years with mine and I don't have to pay admission to visit with him.

2. See St. Louis Hall of Famers sporting their red jackets for the opening ceremony. The tradition of the St. Louis Cardinals goes so much deeper than the World Series Trophies that have accumulated. We have a vast, rich history

3. Visit Ballpark Village! I have not yet been able to go and I am jealous of every Facebook status and Tweet saying how fantastic it is. The food, the beverages – that HUGE television screen! I feel like a benchwarmer in little league. I want to go. Let me in the game!!!

4. Bratwurst. A little mustard with a cold drink is near perfection. Honestly, I prefer a diet coke. I like the sensation of the fizz hitting my upper lip when I take a drink.

5. The National Anthem. Honestly, I enjoy the anthem because it is an appropriate time to honor our great nation. I also enjoy the suspense of learning how the vocalist will interpret Francis Scott Key's greatest life work. Usually, I would have preferred not to have been present.

6. The U-Man Do His PA Thing. John Ullet is a staple in St. Louis radio, most notably because of his work on KSHE. John's smooth voice and kind demeanor set the tone at Busch. He is

7. The Seventh Inning Stretch. If you roll your eyes at this, you are clearly not enjoying yourself appropriately. Whether you are at home or at the park watching the game, be sure to cheer, cry, shout, and embrace

8. 2015 Team Set of Cardinal Baseball Cards. I'm a tops man myself but I always make the exception when I go to the ballpark so I can get the team's set of baseball cards in that cool plastic case.

9. Being Able to Wear my Red Sperrys. They don't match much but they go perfectly with my grey, 2011 World Series champions shirt! Put on a pair of freshly ironed khaki shorts and I am ready to go! Disclaimer: I'm not preppy. I really just dress like a 40 year old man.

10. Nachos Supreme. I honestly take a photo of my order of Nachos Supreme every time I see a game at Busch. No joke. You rolled your eyes? You aren't the first. The key is being kind to the concession stand workers. While you are at the game to goof off with friends, they have a job to do. Be kind. I've learned that if you are friendly, you will benefit in some extra beef or an additional scoop of cheese sauce. Don't forget a fork and napkins!!!

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