1. In 2012, 2,205 items were placed in the Busch Stadium lost and found.

2. The Cardinals go through 7,315,200 feet of paper towels and 15,373,800 feet of toilet paper per season – that's enough toilet paper to get you from Richmond, Va. To Salem, Ore.

3. Busch Stadium sells 920,000 hot dogs, 252,000 pounds of nacho chips and 50,000 gallons of cheese in one season

4. The Cardinals have made 26 postseason appearances in franchise history

5. The Cardinals have played in 51 playoff games since 2009

6. The Cardinals were founded in 1892, and called the St. Louis Brown Stockings

7. Another team name? The Browns, then the Perfectos…which was changed to the Cardinals in 1900.

8. The Cardinals defeated the Yankees to win their first World Series in 1926.

9. Ninety percent of Cardinals fans come from outside the city of St. Louis

10. Forty former Cardinals players and managers are in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

11. Cardinals legend Stan Musial got his 3,000th hit off the rival Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

12. Dizzy Dean is the only Cardinal pitcher to win 30 games in one season. He went 30-7 in 1934.

13. Mike Laga was the only player to hit a ball completely out of old Busch Stadium (it was a foul ball)

14. Cardinals pitcher Michael Wacha is the first rookie in MLB history to record two scoreless starts in a single postseason series.

15. Manager Mike Matheny is the 24th manager to ever play and manage a team in the Fall Classic (he's also a good looking fellow)

16. The first ever game played by the Cardinals happened on May 2, 1882. The defeated the Louisville Eclipse 9-7 at Sportsman's park.

17. Before the "Expansion Era" in baseball, the Cardinals were the westernmost and southernmost team in the U.S.

18.The Cardinals have won 11 World Series titles and 23 league pennants (you probably already know this, but it's fun to say)

19. They're the oldest major league team west of the Mississippi River

20.The 2006 World Series victory over the Detroit Tigers earned the Cardinals the distinction as being the championship with the lowest regular-season winning percentage in baseball history, with a win-loss record of 83-79.

21. Stan Musial's childhood nickname was Stashu, the Polish version of Stanislaus

22. Stan the Man's first sport? Nope…not baseball. Gymnastics.

23. When he did start playing baseball, he became the first major league player to earn an annual salary of $100,000

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