By Stephen Nations

(KSDK Sports) -- Cardinals GM John Mozeliak didn't get the chance to enjoy a Memorial Day barbecue with his family this past Monday afternoon.

That doesn't mean he wasn't cooking something up.

While the Cardinals have stepped on the gas and have now won ten of their last 13 contests since a 17-5 drubbing from the Cubs on May 12th, it doesn't seem like the front office is completely content with the current roster. We don't know whether it's a bat or an arm that Mozeliak is interested in, but we do know that he's interested in somebody. Why, you ask? One man tells me all I need to know.

David Aardsma.

For anyone who doesn't follow the minor league affiliates, Aardsma is the Cardinals current Triple-A closer in Memphis. A two-time 30 save closer for Seattle, Aardsma has 16 saves, 20 K's, and a 1.25 ERA for the Redbirds this year. He's struck out almost a fourth of the batters he's faced and at 32 years-old, he should have enough left in the tank that you can call his performance legit.

So, wouldn't it stand to reason that some team, maybe even the current visiting Yankees that are having their own bullpen issues, would want to give Aardsma a shot in the big leagues?

You would think.

However, apparently either Aardsma doesn't think so, or he has bigger plans than catching on in some random bullpen. We know this because on May 15th, Aardsma could have opted out of his contract with the Cardinals, which he signed on March 26th of this year, if he wasn't on a big league roster.

Now I know that it has to be a ton of fun hitting up Silky O'Sullivan's on the regular, driving rack after rack of Memphis ribs into your belly, and sitting in the bullpen and watching Piscotty, Grichuk, and Taveras pound lasers all over the field, but you'd have to think Aardsma would rather make 5X as much money and pitch in front of 40,000 people than stay in Memphis. This leads me to believe that at least one of those big league arms might be on it's way out of town.

With Jason Motte and Jaime Garcia now back with the parent club, the Cardinals currently have no room at the inn for any more arms. That will only become more true when Joe Kelly returns from his hamstring issue. So the only dots that I can connect here are the ones telling me that Aardsma has a legitimate reason to stick around with St. Louis. I would venture to say that the only arms on the big league roster that are untouchable are the ones belonging to Wainwright and Wacha. Anyone else would be fair game and any trade that opens a spot in the bullpen would probably result in Aardsma getting a chance to pitch in the big leagues again.

-Oscar Taveras is so close I can smell him. He could be here for the Kansas City Series this weekend. Scouts have been saying that he needs a new challenge and is bored with Triple-AAA, giving away at-bats and not playing to his full effort. I don't know how well an attitude like that will serve him in the show, but I do know that he's a ridiculously fun to watch and he's one of those guys who's bat makes a noticeably different sound at the point of contact.

-While I appreciate the sentiments, knowledge, and sportsmanship the team and it's fans showed to Derek Jeter this week, it was pretty awkward, not gonna lie. This dude plays for the Yankees. THE YANKEES. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that every generation of Cardinals fans has a reason to hate the Bombers. And now, instead of having the attitude of "were going to show you what it's like to try and win at Buasch Stadium" we laid down a red carpet and threw flowers for their king on his way in. I think a standing ovation before his first at-bat would be sufficient. I'm not sure all the fanfare, the raucous ovation he gets every time he comes to the plate, and the pre-game ceremony where our Cardinals legends gave him gifts and money are really necessary. Again, Derek Jeter is a Yankee. He plays for the Yankees. The. Yankees.

Stephen Nations is an aspiring sports and Cardinals columnist. He will be contributing his commentary to during the 2014 season. You can follow him on twitter at @Nayshface.

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