The late SLU coach, Rick Majerus once committed an NCAA violation by buying breakfast for a recruit whose father had just died.

Majerus vowed to not think with his heart so much anymore. The NCAA doesn't really think with their head much. South Carolina made headlines this week by committing a violation for having excessive icing on recruits cookie cakes.

That means somebody at the NCAA, a full-time employee, thought that this was important enough to go in their rule book. Now, because of the national embarrassment, they are backing off. This is the same organization that laid the law down on three Oklahoma athletes 6 months ago. The charge? "Excessive pasta."

Yes, this is true. Too much spaghetti carbonara. Throw the book at those cheaters! The athletes had to play back $3.83 for the "excessive pasta."

The NCAA handbook is 500 pages long, let's cut 3 pages right now. You can put icing on cakes, you can buy breakfast for a grieving player, and as a man whose last name ends in a vowel, you can sure as heck eat as much pasta as you want.

Remember, a day without pasta is like a day without sunshine.

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