BOSTON (KSDK) – Boston fans knew they'd witness something amazing Wednesday night. Either the Red Sox would win the World Series at home for the first time in 95 years or the St. Louis Cardinals would prevail, fighting back to claim the championship.

With the cheapest tickets selling Wednesday afternoon for about $800. Not everyone could see the game in person, but just being near the park is enough for some of them.

They are arguably the most nervous people in the ballpark. The families and close friends of the Red Birds, de-boarding a bus and filing into Fenway Park.

And while they and the other lucky 37,000 people scrambled to their seats inside Game 6, thousands more were outside. After all, it's free admission into the Fenway atmosphere.

"I got to work, and felt the tingles around noon. Couldn't finish work. Left work around two. It's just this feeling I can't explain it," said Sydney Best.

The ticketless were just happy to come down and take it all in.

Many people were mobbing and posing with the Boston police officer who was caught cheering in an ALCS Game 2 photo. He rejoicing when David Ortiz hit a home run, and the Tigers' Torii Hunter flipped over the wall.

Others, like Heidi Caswell, just want the next generation to take part.

"We see all the people take some pictures so he'll have some memories when he's older," said Caswell.

A night outside the ballpark, witnessing what many say is a slice of baseball history.

"Win or lose, I just want to be part of the atmosphere and remember this for the rest of my life," said Lionel Cruz.

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