ST. LOUIS (KSDK) -Busch Stadium food willinclude muchmore than peanuts and pretzels.

New at Section 135 is The Double Play Tap and Grill, where traditional ballpark fare gets a high-end makeover. Fans can enjoy a thick and juicy cheddar stuffed burger on a pretzel bun, or a customizable four-hand nacho platter, and choose fresh toppings for both to suit their unique tastes.

Likewise, fans will find new additions throughout the park. Look for Kohn's Kosher Cart, featuring knockwurst and pastrami sandwiches at Section 147. Dizzy's Diner locations (Sections 139, 161 and 446) have also been beefed up with the addition of The Horseshoe, an open-faced burger consisting of two beef patties topped with fries and cheese sauce. Other new additions include Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, at Sections 139, 161, 271 and 446, and Fried Pickle Spears, at Sections 271 and 509.

Cardinals Vice President of Merchandising Vicki Bryant showed off the new macaroni and cheese stuffed burger and several other dishes.

A few days ago, chefs Jessica Helms and Norman Taylorshowed off some food that is sure to get your mouth watering - including a caramel popcorn cheesecake, brisket sliders, four hand nachos, pasta pinwheels and cupcakes

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