ST. LOUIS - Saint Louis University introduced its new president Friday morning. But the talk of the town and the campus is not their new leader. It's Thursday night's big comeback win in the NCAA tournament.

"Seeing them go down 16 was a little intimidating. NC State is a pretty good team," said SLU student Chase Lyons.

"We had a lot of heartbreaking moments honestly with a lot of turnovers," added J.P. Ideker.

Dean Wilson kept track of the game on his phone while listening to a guest lecturer from the Vatican Observatory.

"Immediately after the lecture ended, somebody ran to the front and asked them to change the projection screen to the game because the game was tied," Wilson said.

University officials say this type of national exposure can't be bought with an advertisement.

"The Billikens success has really helped us with our national outreach," said Vice President of Enrollment and Retention Management Jay Goff. "Our goal is to have new students come in from all 50 states each year. And this year we had 44 states and two provinces and we're hoping to do better with the exposure we're receiving."

"I'm actually from New Orleans. I was getting text messages from friends at home like 'oh man SLU is doing so well,' and all these different things like that," said student Corey James.

Even the school's new president Dr. Fred Pestello got in on the excitement.

"I always feel special because that demonstrates we have students here who can perform at the highest level on the field. But I wish people also realized that it's the things that so often in life that you don't see that are really special," he said.

"Rise of the Billikens is a thing. And we were so excited about it...could not believe SLU really pulled it out against NC State and we're really excited to play Louisville tomorrow," Ideker said.

The Bills play four seed Louisville Saturday. The students we spoke with say they're confident that the Bills can pull it out.

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