SOCHI, Russia - Despite security concerns, the 2014 Olympic Games are now underway, with the first qualification rounds held in the bright sunshine.

These days Sochi is on a virtual lock down, but it's by no means land locked.

When Soviet leaders of the last century wanted sun, hey came to Sochi. When today's wealthy Russians want time on the Black Sea, they also come to Sochi.

And when the country won the Winter Olympics, its president wanted them in Sochi to show off to the world.

This Winter Olympics you might have to worry more about sunburn than frostbite. In fact, just outside the main venue for the games, you can put in a little time on the beach. It's even warm enough to test the water.

But 30 miles away in the mountains, there is snow. Even though some venues are below the altitude of freezing temperatures, and one man is making it happen.

"We don't count anything on natural snow. Everything is counted on manmade snow," said Miko Martikainen.

Seventy-five percent of the snow under Olympic athletes is machine-made. Sochi stored millions of cubic feet of snow from last season, thru the summer, but now it's not even needed because crews have made so much snow.

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