SOCHI, Russia - New security concerns abound amid the pageantry of the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics.

As the excitement builds, security is ramping up as well. Extra credentials are required just to be in the Olympic plaza, and there are new concerns and new bans coming out of the U.S. concerning the Olympics.

First there was worry over toothpaste tubes. And now the TSA has banned most aerosols, gels, powders, and liquids of any size on flights from the United States to Russia, because officials say toothpaste isn't always scrutinized. And like warnings before, they say this is based on non-specific threats.

And just as the Russians want security to be the tightest, some security guards are complaining they aren't getting paid. One told NBC news when he asked questions, he was fired. The company providing security did not respond to emails from NBC.

According to the Wall Street Journal, one Russian official said hotel rooms had been vandalized and authorities had the surveillance video to prove it. Officials later said that hotel rooms are not under surveillance.

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