CHESTERFIELD, Mo. When it comes to curling most of us are in the dark, but the St. Louis Curling Club is hoping to enlighten people.

"Curling is really a sport for all people, all ages," said Lucas Shook, secretary of the St. Louis Curling Club.

It's a sport that began more than 400 years ago in Scotland and to this day, every single stone, which by the way weighs about 44 pounds and costs between $600 and $800, comes from the same place.

"They're made of a specific type of granite that's mined off an island on the coast of Scotland," Shook said.

It is a game of strategy where the only yelling is actually at your own teammates.

"Do they need to sweep hard, do they need to give up sweeping so I'm calling all those things out to them," said Nancy Rogers, the skip.

The skip is one of four team members trying to get the stone into the house which are the circles 150 feet away.

"Up, up, on it's own," Rogers yelled.

"Sweepers are supposed to judge how heavy the stone is, how far it will go and if you misjudge that you can over sweep a stone or sometimes you don't sweep it enough," explained Virginia Bryan, a curling club member.

Truth be told, it's more of a mopping motion than a sweeping one, but housework aside the point is to help the stone travel as far as possible.

"Your points are determined by the amount of stones, your team's stones that are inside of your opponent's stones," Shook added.

There's obviously more to this game like the less than attractive footwear.

"One is just like a regular tennis shoe the other has a piece of teflon on the bottom so that you're able to slide out in that lunging position," Shook explained.

But you've got the basics.

"It's a very social game, it's a very gentile game the winning team is expected to buy the losing team drinks after the game," Shook said.

And if you want to learn more the opportunity is now just a stone's throw away.

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