LADUE, Mo. - The cold weather won't slow down business at Tilles Park.

Employees directing traffic and driving carriages are dealing with the cold the best they can. Most working the outdoor event are wearing five or six layers and drinking something hot? Forget it, it turns cold within minutes.

"I've been numb since about 15 minutes after I got out of the truck," said Rachel Pruneau, who's a carriage driver for Brookdale Farms working at Tilles Park.

Her so-called partner in crime is Elmo, who apparently is somehow remaining warm in 20 degree temps.

"He's pulling this thing all day, he's not going to get cold working," said Pruneau.

Pruneau and Elmo help bring the holiday magic to folks like Ben and Carissa who are on a date night.

"We went out to dinner beforehand, and let's go see some lights and hop on a carriage and it will be fun," said Ben Vasquez. "It's a little chilly, it's a little chilly."

They say with layers, blankets and a little cuddling taking a carriage ride in the bitter temps is actually quite enjoyable. Cold weather pro Pruneau says it's all about the appropriate clothing and just knowing you're still going to be cold.

"I've got five pairs of pants under these overalls, and about four shirts and pretty much no matter what you are going to go numb anyway," said Pruneau.

Folks in Tilles Park are definitely looking forward to the warming forecast.

Carriage rides, by the way, run every day except Mondays.