ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – Snow, ice and extremely cold temperatures might call for some olive oil in your car.

Why? If you've ever experienced the frustration of a frozen car door, olive or vegetable oil might be the answer. Rub it on your car door's rubber seal to keep that moisture out.

Another cold weather tip is to get your car battery checked. They only have about a five-year lifespan and struggle in cold weather. Most auto stores will test your battery for free, and that's far better than having to get a jump at 6 a.m. in negative degree weather!

When your car does start, make sure to let it run for a few more minutes to warm up the fluids. Also be sure to keep your gas tank more than half full – especially when temperatures fluctuate!

MODOT says because of the big temperature fluctuation the bi-state area will see Thursday they'll add addictives to the salt they use on roads like beet juice.

When it gets really cold, they mix in calcium chloride, which helps the salt work in frigid temperatures.

As always when you see a plow, be sure to give it lots of room.