ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - If you're shoveling your own snow, you're probably not too thrilled about about Mother Nature's recent sub-zero gift. But if you're the guy that businesses call to clear their parking lots, business is good right now.

After 30 hours straight driving a pickup truck equipped with a snow plow, Carl Hoscher is ready for some rest. His phone is ringing off the hook, because there's no business like snow business after a major storm.

"Ten, 12, 14 inches," said Hoscher with a weary smile.

That much snow is money in the bank for Hoscher, who expects to make between $10,000 and $20,000 from more than 30 snow removal clients like Apache RV in Hazelwood. The timing for the Sunday snowstorm is not great at Apache RV. The RV show at the convention center is coming up this week and Apache is moving 44 recreational vehicles to downtown St. Louis.

"It's very crucial to get everything out of the way so we can move all of these units safely to downtown St. Louis," said Apache RV general manager Marty Meyer. Meyer says he appreciates Hoscher's careful work because the blade of a snow plow can do a lot of damage to an expensive RV.

"Been nervous all day," Meyer said. "Carl does a real good job for us. He's been doing snow removal for years and he does a really good careful job."

"As you see, I was trying to be careful," Hoscher said. "There's too much money back here."

One man's snowstorm is another man's opportunity.