- The shine on the streets is a reflection of icy cold days. In a few days, the icy streets could be wet spots.

Geological engineer Greg Hempen took NewsChannel 5 to one neighborhood near Dale and McCausland in the City of St. Louis with one of the lowest points in the area. He said there are many areas like that across the St. Louis area because our area was built on seven hills.

"The streets go up from here in every direction," he said pointing to the hill on Dale Avenue.

"The water won't be able to get here, it won't be able to drain off here," he said pointing to a sewer drain in the street. "It will melt, come down the streets, and stay out in the roadway, and flood the road."

Hempen said the ground is frozen so all the water will move towards the houses once it starts to melt. The only solution is to clear the snow from the drains.

"The city doesn't plow side streets because many cars are parked here," he said.

St. Louis City streets director Todd Waelterman said his concern isn't flooding. It's ice.

Hempen also said the flooding could affect homes in low lying areas. He said the fewer steps you have to your front door, the more you may be at risk for flooding. He said there are things you can do to cut down the damage.

"Many people allow leaves to get covered over or things to be on the drain," he said as he showed us the drain in front of a basement door. "When it freezes, it won't allow the water to go into the drain and water will come under their door into their house."

Hempen said cleaning the debris from the gutters could help cut down on the damage.

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