12 photos that sum up another snowstorm

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – Admit it: as great as the hot cocoa, extended indoor cuddle sessions, and snowy Instagram photos of your dog were for a couple of months, you're ready for this cold, miserable winter to be over. It's March, for cryin' out loud!

Here are 12 St. Louisans who proved that they're ready for spring.

12. "If you like pina coladas...and getting caught on a lawn chair in the snow."

11. Run Forest, Run!

'No travel advisory' and icy roads be damned. This dude was born to run.

10. It's always four-wheeling weather.

9. "Mom, I don't wanna look at the forecast"

8. Taz and Dallas want their owner to make the weather nicer.

7. A single, stone mushroom lingers is a garden full of naught but distant memories.

6. You know you're bored when you have time to put glasses on your dog.

5. "Maybe if I stare outside long enough…it will be spring."

4. If it's too cold to ride your horse outside, bring your saddle inside. It's basically the same thing.

3. The only good thing about winter is mimicking winter Olympic events.

2. Another snowstorm. Another opportunity to watch TV with your cat.

1. Yup. This sums up our emotions perfectly.


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