Business is booming for some when snow falls

ST. LOUIS - The constant roller coaster of brutal temperatures and snow storms have many longing for spring. Others are enjoying winter and making money every time it snows.

Crews are already out. Midwest Weather Snow Management is pre-treating the night before the storm.

Bill Hulette says this nightly routine has been on repeat all winter.

"I've been doing this for 30 years and this is probably our best year ever," said Hulett.

For landscapers, this is normally the off season.

"It hasn't been off at all, we are constantly working," said Bob Krull who owns Rescue Landscaping and Lawncare. "I've already gone to my suppliers, I've got the salt all ready to go, the crews are all on standby."

"We just call it white gold, when it's coming down we are just getting paid," said Eric Louis with Affordable Lawncare out of Dupo, Ill.

He says he's never seen a winter like it and they are loving it.

For those not making money off the white gold, most are hungry for spring.

"I'm ready for it to be over," said Alan Landis.

"It's frustrating, we've got kids, my wife and I both work, it's hard to get to work, kids are home, trying to find daycare services," said Doug Ludwig.

"This is the worst snow we've had, just the weather in general has been horrible," said Rosalie Boseman.

This winter may be profitable, but sometimes at a price. Hulett says his workers can get fatigued and salt is becoming scarce, he's getting worried that his two giant stockpiles still won't be enough.

"It's very hard to get and sometimes you have to go out of state to get that," said Hulett.

Monday night most contractors are trying to rest their crews expecting to work at least eight hours Tuesday depending on the snowfall amounts and how fast it comes down.


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