City parking lot attendant complains about lack of heat

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - 5 On Your Side looked into a complaint by a St. Louis City parking attendant about bitterly cold working conditions. Newschannel 5 received an anonymous email from someone who claimed to work for the St. Louis City Parking Division in an attendant booth. The employee complained there wasn't enough heat in the ticket booths during this sub-freezing weather.

"In the booths, it's a struggle to stay warm with the heating source they provide and I shouldn't have to bring a blanket to work every day just to avoid freezing to death," they wrote in the email. "I would just like for someone to simply ask our treasurer, director or anyone in a higher up position how would they feel about sitting in the cold for eight hours straight because it seems to me if we ask questions around here we face threats of losing our job."

Another parking attendant told Newschannel 5 that some booths are warm enough, but others don't have enough heat. That attendant didn't want to talk on camera, afraid they might get into trouble.

St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones said the complaint about lack of heating in parking attendant booths never came to her office and she hadn't heard of the issue until Newschannel 5 brought it to her attention. When asked if all of the parking attendant booths were properly heated, Jones responded "Honestly we don't know. We know that all of them have heating sources. If they don't they're within 10 feet of an office, a heated office," said Jones.

Jones said she's investigating. "We sent a team to all of our garages and we sent a team to the garage that we think this complaint is coming from to investigate what we can do to alleviate the situation.


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