How much snow does it take to cancel school?

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – When it comes to calling off class on the account of snow, Missourians need less snow than the south...but a little bit more than folks in the west, northeast, upper Midwest and basically everywhere else in the country.

According to this map from Redditer Alexandr Trubetskoy, it typically takes from an inch to three inches of snow for schools in the bi-state area to call off class.

In areas just to the south of us, meanwhile, any snow could mean that it's time for students to rejoice.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: Check out our latest closure information here

But if you live in the Rocky Mountains or up north, it might take a solid two feet of snow to get a snow day!

Trubetskoy used data from "hundreds of various points from user responses...interpolated using NOAA's average annual snowfall days map."

Here are his caveats:

1. In much of the Midwest and Great Plains, school closing often depends more on wind chill and temperature than on snow accumulation ("cold days"). Thus, this map may be misleading in those areas.

2. Many jurisdictions in California and other western states have significantly varied snowfall, depending on elevation. This makes it difficult to find an "average" number, or often makes it misleading.

3. Urban areas like Chicago and New York have more resources to clear snow and often need more to cause closings.

4. Clarification: The lightest green says "any snow" but also includes merely the prediction of snow.

5. Clarification II: This is snow accumulation over 24 hours/overnight.


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