MoDOT crews prep for blizzard conditions

KSDK – Heavy snow followed by strong winds could create blizzard conditions…and drivers are being asked to stay off the roads when the storm hits.

MoDOT has 20 addition trucks in the area from other parts of the state that won't be hit as hard by the snow.

Meanwhile, crews at MoDOT's Traffic Management Center are monitoring the roads. Once the storm hits, they'll put a good layer of salt down, and use the salt brine to make it work faster and better. But there's a point where it's ineffective.

"At about 20 degree is where it really starts becoming ineffective by itself," said MoDOT engineer Becky Allmeroth. "That's when we start adding the calcium chloride and beet juice to it, and that helps bring it to lower temperatures. But still, once you get down to about 10 degrees, it doesn't really matter what you add to it, it's going to be a lot slower to work, and it's going to take a lot more of it."

Allmeroth says the biggest concern with this storm is the strong possibility of slowing snow, even after snow stops falling.

She tells us visibility gets down to a point where it's unsafe for their crews to treat the roads and plow, then they'll pull them.


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