Record cold temps coming to STL Monday

KSDK – Yes, it's cliché and overused, but we're going to say it anyway: brace yourself, winter is coming.

Temperatures are expected to fall to 3 degrees in town and just below zero in outlying areas overnight Thursday, before warming up into the 20s on Friday, the 40s on Saturday, back into the lower 20s on Sunday before to dropping to -5 on Monday (with a high of 3).

The last time it was zero degrees in St. Louis, it was Jan. 21, 2011. Charlie Sheen had just coined the term "tiger blood" and Rebecca Black's song "Friday" was just about to hit the internet.


You have to go back even father in time – to Jan. 5, 1999 – for the last time it was -5 degrees! That was exactly a week before Britney Spears released her debut album, and shortly before "Family Guy" premiered on Fox. That's also the month that Pope John Paul II was in St. Louis.

As for the coldest ever day in the Gateway City? It was on Jan. 23, 2003, when the high only reached 8 degrees, and lows sank to 1 degree (that's right…Monday's forecasted to be colder!). That was back when Jennifer Lopez was on top of the charts, and one day before the U.S. Department of Homeland Security officially began operations.

The lowest daytime high since 1983 happened in December, 1983, when temperatures fell to -5 degrees. That was the year that the McNugget first became widely available at McDonalds' across the country, and "Weird Al" Yankovic released his first album. It was also the year that Michael Jackson introduced the world to the moonwalk.

The lowest low, period, since 1983 happened in December 1989, when the air was a downright arctic -19 degrees. That was the month that Jane Pauley theft the "Today" show, and Larry Bird began a 71 game free-throw streak.

St. Louis' lowest ever recorded temperature was -22 degrees in January, 1884. Chester A. Arthur and his awesome mustache led our beautiful country that year, and thefirst edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was released.


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