Right tree, right place, right way, right time

Meteorologist Scott Connell has some tips to plant the perfect tree.

If you are thinking about adding trees or shrubs to your landscaping, autumn is a good time.

Planting the right tree in the right place is important because trees that grow tall planted near or under power lines can cause problems later. Dusty Riley, manager of vegetation management for Ameren Missouri says you need to take the species of trees into consideration as to where it is being planted in proximity to power lines.

Ameren Missouri has teamed up with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to identify trees that can be planted closer to, but not under power lines. At the CommuniTree Nursery in Creve Coeur, there are many species that don’t grow as tall or large and can be planted. Mike Walsh, a forester with Forest ReLeaf, says about 30 to 40 shorter trees and shrubs are available locally and getting them in the ground right now allows them to grow through the winter.

It’s important to check the tags on the trees to see how big they will get. Those tags also have planting instructions. Properly planting your tree is crucial to its survival.

Many times we plant too deep and don’t dig the whole wide enough. A general rule, the hole should be two to three times as wide as the diameter of the root ball. The root ball should never be deeper than the surrounding soil. Mulching around the tree, but not touching the tree trunk will help keep the moisture in.

Make sure you call before you dig! Dial 811 so utilities can be marked and you can safely dig the hole.

Here are some links to help you plant trees and shrubs with success:




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