Roads still treacherous in Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - If you're heading out Saturday morning be extremely careful. Roads that are still wet from Thursday's snowstorm may have refrozen after Friday night's cold temperatures.

A MoDOT spokesperson says salt used to melt snow and ice stops working once temperatures drop below 17 degrees.

Some road crews, including MODOT, use special chemicals in extreme cold weather. But they're expensive and not every city and county can afford them.

Professional driver Derrick Sims says that means the chances for black ice are especially high.

"Black ice, because it has a glaze, you might think it's just a wet pavement but it's actually frozen over," said Sims. "There's really nothing to combat that. You just have to take it easy, take it slow, go at a safe speed and pray for the best"

MoDOT crews are still focusing much of their efforts in Jefferson County and areas further south that were hit hardest by the storm. If you see one on the road remember, plow trucks have the right of way. And be sure to give them plenty of space.


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