Several feet of hail piles up at strip mall

A crazy scene in Manchester where several feet of hail piled up on the lower level of a strip mall.

MANCHESTER, Mo. (KSDK) - It was a crazy scene in Manchester where several feet of hail piled up on the lower level of a strip mall. The clean up crew says they've never seen anything like it.

"After I picked my jaw up off the pavement I believe my first thought was 'Ah, hail no,'" says local business owner Matt Lacaille.

It was a real shock and awe moment courtesy of mother nature.

"Honestly I didn't believe it was hail. I didn't know what it was. I had to come down and take a double take, take a couple of handfuls of it and see exactly what it was," says Kevin Thole, owner of Servpro.

Hours after the hail fell from the sky, Servpro was called to clean up this lower level of a strip mall off Manchester Road in Manchester.

The crews had to first find the pavement, digging in some places four feet to hit the concrete!

"It's compacted now because some of it has melted but you would just step through and it was almost like you were wading in water only it was hail," says Thole.

Lacaille owns Cignot, an e-cig store, the only retail business located in the affected area.

He says right after the Tuesday morning storm, the hail poured down the stairs from the above parking lot and even made its way inside some businesses.

"The door was either really clean or no longer had glass and so I looked in there and the entire floor in that vacant unit was it was just two feet of hail," he says, describing a neighboring unit.

Servpro crews scooped and shoveled for hours still in shock of what they were moving.

"We've heard of snow removal, water removal but never hail removal so it might have to be a new thing are going to have to start of offer," says Thole.

The clean up crew says they had to remove the hail rather than just letting it melt, fearing it would flood other businesses.

No word on the cost of any damages.


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