Where to go in a tornado warning

In the case of a tornado warning, here are some tips for staying safe:

House/Stand-alone building:

- Get to the lowest level possible

- Go to an area with as many walls between you as possible

- Get in a bathtub or interior closet

Mobile Home:

- Get out of the mobile home and get in a sturdy building if possible

- Get out of the mobile home and hunker in a ditch

- If no ditch or building is nearby, plan ahead and get to a sturdy building ahead of time.


- Get to the lowest level (go to a neighbor's apartment on the first floor)

- Regardless of what floor you're on, get in a bathtub or interior closet

- If you are on a higher level and can't get to a lower apartment, hunker down in the breezeway of the apartment building


- If possible, pull over, park, get inside a building and out of the storm

- If you have to stay in your car, try to find a ditch to park in and use your emergency break

- DO NOT park under a bridge or overpass

Miscellaneous Tips for Keeping Safe in a Tornado:

- Cover yourself with a mattress, sleeping bags, or pillows

- Wear a helmet to protect your head

- Hunker down as much as possible


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