You know it's cold when anti-freeze freezes

KSDK – You know it's cold when anti-freeze freezes.

That's exactly what some mechanics in Iowa say is happening. Not one – but two – cars came into an auto shop after overheating because their anti-freeze froze. The chemical is supposed to be able to tolerate temperatures as low as -30 to -35 degrees.

"I've only seen it a few times," mechanic Shawn Streittmatter said. "I mean, we've seen a lot of anti-freeze that's bad, but I've only seen probably a handful of cars in all the years that have actually got to the point where they got slushy and froze inside the radiator.

Mechanics say preventative maintenance is key when it comes to vehicles making it through these cold temperatures.

They also recommend regularly checking things like fire pressure, battery life and fluid level.


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