Powell Hall at 50 exhibit is filled with musical memorabilia

Time is running out to see this free exhibit at the St. Louis Public Library's Central Library

If you like local history, inspiring people, and a ghost story, then this exhibit will be music to your ears.

Maureen Byrne, SLSO Director of Diversity and Community Affairs SLSO, said,

"What you see here today is the encapsulation of the SLSO during first 50 years at our first permanent home Powell Symphony Hall," she said.

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You'll find the Powell Hall at 50 exhibit on display in The St. Louis Public Library's Central Library through March 17th. It was a project of passion for both the symphony and the library.

Barb Higgins, SLPL Graphic Design Manager, said, "For me, it was quite a thrill because I've been a season ticket holder for a number of years and to be able to tell the symphony's story was going to be quite an honor."

The first thing to catch your eye at the exhibit might just be one of the symphony's 7 Grammy awards.

"Our most recent Grammy statue is right here for everybody to see," said Maureen.

The memorabilia ranges from t-shirts to pieces of the original chandeliers, which were sold as favors or given away as prizes.

There are also stories to be told. From "George the Resident Ghost" who supposedly has been seen wearing a white top hat and tails to interesting facts like the unconventional technique used to check acoustics involving a pistol and a tape recorder.

Maureen said, "One guy on the team would bring the tape recorder, similar to this, to different parts of the concert hall and other guy stood on stage and shot blanks that were recorded onto this reel to reel."

There's also a part of the exhibit honoring the woman who helped make Powell hall possible.

"Helen Lamb who made a significant gift of $1 million which is $10 million in today's value.

An exhibit celebrating the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and the 50 year history of Powell Hall.

The free exhibit at St. Louis Public Library - Central ends March 17th. On March 6th at 7 pm, there's a free St. Louis Symphony Orchestra chamber concert at Central Library.