5 in demand jobs that don't require a degree

For example, a real estate agent has unlimited potential the high end of average is $180,434, but you do need a license.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- We are going to show you 5 jobs you can go out and get: some in very high demand and make 100,000 dollars or more.

Of course Rome wasn't built in a day, but the best part is, a college degree is not a requirement.

If you’re in high school or if you have a high school age student, you’re going to want to hear what Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty has to tell you.

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Meet Dante Torres, at 20, he’s not far out of high school, but he is already well on his way to a bright future.

Dante is a recent hire at Mr. Sparky, he is working towards being an electrician and he is already making $36,00, and he’s just 20.

Dante says “like I say, my mom saw how much money I make, and she was like, wow, you’re making that much money!”

Dante’s path is clear because there is virtually no competition. The big push to “go to college”, has created a gap in the trades. Good for Dante, but bad for the rest of us.

Rusty Wise, who owns Mr. Sparky, says there is a severe lack of talent out there because kids are pushed towards college.

Rusty says “we need to know how to fix things, in today’s society, we don’t know how to fix things, we know how to throw things away, we need to fix things.”

It’s not just a shortage of electricians, it’s HVAC, it’s plumbers, it’s mechanics, it’s anybody in the repair trades, and because of the shortage, salaries are shooting up.

Scotty Hutchins is training Dante, he’s been with Mr. Sparky for a little more than 5 years. He’s doing great saying “last year it was 100,000 dollars” And no college debt.

So what other jobs pay this well and don’t require college?

A real estate agent has unlimited potential the high end of average is $180,434, but you do need a license.

There’s an air traffic controller shortage due to retirements, their average? $158,966.

And good with your hands? Plumbers are making $103,731. Are computers your thing? IT Managers can make $125,101 on average.

Want to learn to fly? The average annual pilot salary is soaring to $110,000.

Training is usually required and don’t expect that money overnight at 25-years-old, but the goal is a nice living with a bright future. You just have to have that “spark”…like Dante.

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You need to have a clean driving record and a clear criminal history because you will be going into homes. These are checked.