Design trends to look out for in 2018—and how to add them to your home

5 On Your Side's Abby Llorico talked to a couple of local designers to find out more about the top decor trends for this year.

ST. LOUIS — About halfway through January, we're comfortably in the New Year. So, why not make your home a little more comfortable in 2018, too? 5 On Your Side's Abby Llorico talked to a couple of local designers to find out more about the top decor trends for this year.

1. Vibe: This year it’s all about making your home feel cozy and personalized. Look for natural materials like wood and stone in 2018 accent pieces and art, and don’t be afraid to try out more than one trend in a space. Play with different textures and materials for a unique, “designed-but-not-formulaic” look.

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2. Color: When it comes to color, 2018 is looking bright. Pantone’s selection of ultraviolet as the color of the year set the stage for other bold, rich tones to have their moment. Consider updating a room with purple walls (some paint shades are eye-popping but surprisingly versatile) or going with a daring accessory, like this eye-catching espresso machine.

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You saw it creeping into your Pinterest feeds a few years ago, and pink is here to stay with the new year. Brighter shades of “millennial pink”, as well as a more neutral blush, are staples in more design collections than ever, giving you plenty of options for adding a pop of pink in 2018 (if you haven’t already).

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3. Metals: Perhaps the only place you’ll see less pink is in your metal choices. Collections for 2018 are opting for copper or brass over rose gold.

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Matte black is also making a slick comeback. To go big on this trend, check out the matte black kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures hitting showrooms, or try it on for size with other dining accessories. Who says silverware has to be silver?

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4. Fabrics: This isn’t your grandmother’s heavy velvet. Proving the material doesn’t have to feel stale, designers are using it to add drama and texture to bedspreads, accent chairs, and even sofas. Try it out with a throw pillow for an inexpensive way to get the luxe look.

Photo: West Elm

5. Lighting: It can drastically change a room’s mood and visual space, and in 2018 that means more focus on the light fixture itself. Expect to see more pieces inspired by vintage simplicity or 1970’s spunk.

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6. Kitchens: While your neighbors spend their weekend painting their cabinets chasing after the white-kitchen trend, consider adding color to yours instead. Designers with Houzz say while it’s still the most popular choice among those redoing their cooking space, some are opting for other neutrals like gray and blue as white-kitchen fatigue sets in. Not ready to say goodbye to the white? Add color in other ways, like with the backsplash or paint choices.

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