The fitness class you can join immediately after reading this article

Everyone at 5 On Your Side has workout equipment with them at all times--and you probably do, too.

ST. LOUIS - Fitness classes can provide the motivation and sense of community it takes to get on track with your workout routine, but they can be expensive and difficult to plan around—particularly when you work in an active newsroom.

“Especially working with a work schedule that is all over the place,” said Tori Stukins, who works an overnight shift writing for Today in St. Louis. That’s why she is one of thousands of people turning to app-based workouts, not just for the convenience of a personal trainer in your pocket, but for the connections that come with it.

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“You see people at the gym but you're not like talking with them and engaging with them, you don't feel like you're on this journey with them,” she said. She says using groups and hashtags boosted her confidence when beginning her new regimen.

“It’s a nice way to definitely stay motivated, people are always posting pictures about the workouts they did or the food that they're eating,” said 5 On Your Side assignment editor Brittany Ludwig. She says posting on the community pages of apps like "Beach Body” feels much different than just sharing on Facebook.

“Not everybody is going to care that you went on a three mile run today or be like ‘Yay, great job you went on a 3 mile run today,’ but if you post it on the app people are going to give you that praise maybe that you're looking for,” she said. “I feel like you always have kind of like a running buddy there too which is nice.”

The apps are like buddy that will keep you on track—but are more flexible than a human trainer.

“With this it's great because I can work out at home, I can work out at the gym, you can take it wherever you go,” said Stukins. She loves the team on her "Sweat" app--even if they've never met in person.

“It’s like people are watching your progress and are invested in your progress,” she said.

“It's also kind of nice to be part of a network of people that are doing the same thing,” said Ludwig.