School takes no action after student receives death threat

A desperate mother reached out to the 5 On Your Side I-Team to get help because she claims neither her daughter's school nor the police seem interested.

One mom said a high school student made death threats against her daughter and she has the tape to prove it. And yet no one's doing anything.

That desperate mother reached out to the 5 On Your Side I-Team to get help because she claims neither the girl's school nor the police seem interested.

It's a chilling message for any 15-year-old to receive.

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"I will be everywhere. I will kill everyone you know. I will beat your head."

That's the audio message Megan Voiles, 15, received last week through Facebook messenger.

Voiles said it came from a classmate at Roosevelt High School, a school she no longer wants to attend.

"I feel like I'm not safe," she said. "I don't want to go to school with him."

So you can just imagine how her mother felt when she heard the message.

She said she immediately took the ominous threat to her daughter's school and played it for Roosevelt High School's security director. But since then, nothing has happened.

"Well, the principal won't even talk to me. The assistant principle won't even call me about this. I honestly don't know what they're doing," said Catherine Schmidt, Voiles mother.

Voiles said she doesn't know the student who left the message very well.

"I'm in fear for my life," said Voiles.

And her mother? She just wants her daughter protected and safe.

"She's in classes with him. Could he be laying outside the school for them? Or could he sneak something in?" said Schmidt.

The I-Team found little is being done for the family.

Turns out Schmidt called the St. Louis police, but in the end, St. Louis' finest said it was for the high school to handle.

The problem? Thursday, Roosevelt high school told the I-Team that, "the matter was referred to local law enforcement"

In the end, it's a devastating disappointment to this mother who still wants to know how she can keep her daughter safe and sound.

"I want the school to make sure they take these threats more seriously. To me, they're not taking it seriously," said Schmidt.

In addition, we asked the St. Louis School District if the boy who left that message has been disciplined, but the district said they couldn't tell us, citing federal education privacy laws.

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