Why no metal detectors at The Dome at America's Center?

When it comes to the level of security at the Dome, some say things need to change.

ST. LOUIS – Monster Jam fans got to see their favorite monster trucks tear up the course this weekend inside the Dome at America’s Center. The action on the dirt got a standing ovation. But some at the event were concerned about what they call inaction at the entrances.

“I thought it was ridiculous. I mean they just let us walk right in,” said Dome visitor Steve Green. He and his wife, Heather were shocked at what they think was a lack of security.

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Guests walked through the gates, most stopping only to have their tickets scanned. No metal detectors or handheld wands were used to check people for weapons or any other banned items.

“They need to beef up security. You never know what’s going to happen,” said Green.

And he’s not the only one who thought that way.

“I was surprised there were no metal detectors because I had just been to Scottrade Center in the last month and yes, there was metal detectors,” said Kayse Rosson.

Armed police officers were on duty inside the building. And bags were checked at the gate. But the Greens say even that was inconsistent.

“The guy who took our tickets barely looked in [Heather’s] purse. And [Heather’s] stepmom, they didn’t even look in her purse,” said Steve Green.

The show went on without any major incidents. But considering recent mass shootings, the Greens said they’d like to see a more thorough screening process at the dome’s entrances.

“Whether it’s a metal detector or a guard, even. Or some kind of police officer,” said Heather Green.

“Yeah, they need to have something that’s a little more reinforced, for sure,” added Steve Green.

And it sounds like things are going to change. After 5 On Your Side pressed for answers, Matthew Dewey, Senior Vice President & General Manager for America’s Center and The Dome sent a statement that reads:

“We have always worked closely with law enforcement officials to ensure the safety of guests at the Dome for large ticketed events. As we have done for previous monster jams, our security team utilized a variety of measures. We will be using metal detection devices for future events of this scope. Keeping our guests and employees safe is our utmost priority and responsibility.”
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5 On Your Side checked on security procedures at Scottrade Center, Busch Stadium and Chaifetz Arena. Spokespeople for all three venues said metal detectors are used for all public, ticketed events.

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