Judge orders jury pool of 160 people for Greitens trial

Jury selection will start May 10, the Thursday before the trial begins.

ST. LOUIS – More than 100 St. Louisans will be called for jury duty in the case against Governor Eric Greitens.

During a court hearing, Judge Rex Burlison decided the large pool of 160 people was necessary for the high-interest case. Jury selection will start May 10, the Thursday before the trial begins.

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Attorneys also discussed whether the jurors should be sequestered. Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said in court that she thought it was a good idea. Greitens’ attorneys asked for more time to discuss the matter. The trial is expected to last between three and five days.

The judge also heard a Motion to Intervene, which was filed by 10 media outlets across the state, including 5 On Your Side. A lawyer representing members of the media asked the judge to give notice whenever there are hearings on the case.

The judge decided any motions and hearing related to the Greitens case will take place on Monday and Thursday mornings. That will give media outlets access and enough notice to report on any developments.

“This is an unusual case. In most ordinary cases, lawyers are appearing before judges at all times throughout the week. The judge recognized the importance of this case and he set it on a very fixed schedule, so we can be there at every court appearance,” said Mark Sableman, an attorney who represented the various media outlets.

The trial is scheduled to begin May 14.