Just another day in NYC: Man found smoking underneath subway train

You never know what you'll see in The Big Apple.

NEW YORK — In what may or may not have been a regular sighting on the subway in New York City, several bystanders watched as a man stood underneath a train to take a drag of his cigarette.

Twitter user Shon Mogharabi (@ShonNotSean) posted the odd encounter Monday morning in a minute-long video. According to Mogharabi, a man was standing on the train tracks while an oncoming train was speeding ahead. While the crowd looked on and attempted to help him, he instead ducked under a stopped subway train, pulled out a cigarette, and took a smoke.

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After the oncoming train passed, the man walked from underneath the train and threw an empty plastic bottle at the train he hid under. He proceeded to climb back onto the platform, shortly before FDNY firefighters arrived at the subway stop.

But it was when he got back on the platform where things became even more strange. While leaving the platform alongside firefighters, he busted into dance to both the first responders and the onlookers inside the stalled train.


"Been living in NYC way too long," said Mogharabi.