Police pursue carjacking suspects, unintentionally stumble across identical stolen car

The first chase, a carjacked Chevy Equinox, coincided with another Equinox with nearly identical plates in the same part of the city. One car got away — and the other crashed.

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis police were involved in two car chases overnight, both of which ended with a bizarre twist.

The first chase happened around 11 p.m. Tuesday when police were alerted to a carjacking involving a Chevy Equinox in north St. Louis. Police located the suspects inside of the stolen Equinox and engaged in pursuit of the car, but the suspects evaded police. The exact area of the carjacking was not released.

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Coincidentally, while officers continued to pursue the suspects inside of the Equinox, officers from a corresponding precinct intercepted their calls and reported an Equinox with “identical” license plates as being located. Police initiated chase with the Equinox reported by the other department, which ended with the Equinox crashing into another car near the intersection of North Market and Bishop L. Scott Road in north St. Louis.

However, upon the arrest of the three suspects inside the Equinox, police discovered the plates belonging to the car were not the same as the ones reported in the initial carjacking. According to authorities, the license plates between the first and second Equinox — both reported as stolen — were exactly similar except for one digit. Both Equinox’s were similar in every other regard.

The suspects involved in the carjacking of the first Equinox remain at large.