These suspects actually ran to a police station in attempt to evade police

"Quick! They'll never look for us here" - suspects, probably.

PEORIA, Az. — Well, police chases are never this easy.

Peoria police responding to a call of possible shoplifting on Feb. 16 came across the suspects' vehicle at a gas station near Lake Pleasant Parkway and Pinnacle Peak Road.

The two suspects, of course, ran. And they might have had a VERY slight chance of getting away too, except these two geniuses ran directly to the front door of a Peoria Police Station, which, by the way, has a large sign above the door that reads "Peoria Police."

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The two suspects scrambled around the station before jumping a fence to a secure area of the station. Another great idea in this exciting tale.

"It just so happens that several officers were at the facility training that day," Peoria police said.


The man, 28-year-old Marwan Al Ebadi, jumped back over the fence toward the roadway where he was captured. The woman, 29-year-old Salma Hourieh, decided to hide under a bench. But since the Peoria police are experts at hide-and-seek, she was also taken into custody.

So now, along with the shoplifting and drug charges they were arrested for, they get to add "trespassing in a critical public safety building" to that list.

"This incident serves as a reminder that you should never run from the police," Peoria police said, "and if you do, do not run into a secure parking lot of a police station."