Cusumano: "Don't trade Shatty"

Earlier today,  NBC Sports' PHT discussed that something that has been a topic of sports radio for many months.  Is something “off” about the St. Louis Blues and should they consider trading high-scoring (but pending UFA) defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk?

Their hockey insider Bob McKenzie covered a variety of interesting issues on “NHL Live” on Wednesday, including the feeling that both Shattenkirk and his team seem more “open minded” about considering a trade.

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Since Dec. 11, the Blues have gone 7-8-1, giving them a 23-17-5 record overall. That’s not disastrous by any means, but St. Louis has grown to expect robust regular seasons (and dreams of bigger playoff successes), so somewhat middling results might make them more willing to move an expiring contract.

If the slippage continues, McKenzie reasons that the Blues would become that much more willing to listen to offers.

But our Frank Cusumano has a different take.  Click this video to hear why Frank says the Blues should NOT trade Shattenkirk.