"Random Thoughts" with Frank Cusumano

Random thoughts:

The NFL has had a horrible weekend. Maybe the Giants and Packers will save the day.

The Billikens lost again. SLU and Mizzou could finish 10-53. The good news is there is hope for the Billikens.

The most interesting team in the region is SIU Carbondale. They are coached by the irrepressible Barry Hinson. They have STL kids and just won at MO State.

"The Rocky" marathon on AMC is always appointment TV.

Just finished watching "The Killing."  Loved it. Looking for another. Any suggestions? Fargo?

Does Lion's Choice ever disappoint?

I think the Steelers can win a game in New England to get to the Super Bowl. They do have the best trio of a QB, RB and WR.

Jake Allen is the most important athlete in our town in the Winter and Spring.

Does Joe Buck ever have a bad broadcast?

Lion is a movie you should see or rent.

Mike Claiborne could be our town's most versatile broadcaster.

First sign of age is you don't recognize music and the second is you would rather hang with your dogs than with people.

I am out.


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