Want Tim Tebow at your wedding? You're in luck, maybe

If you're a fan of SEC college football, there's a wedding — and an NLF star — in your future.

Lucky couples looking for the perfect, yet unconventional wedding should look no further. And, if they're lucky, a certain NFL star may be there to give it an extra kick.

Any and all SEC football fans aiming for a wedding date of next fall could win their very own tailgate wedding at a game of their choice during the 2018 football season. Tim Tebow, former NFL star, paired with Johnsonville Sausages, will even be there to help blow your special day out of the water.

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To help kickstart the joyous ceremony, Johnsonville Sausages released the following video to YouTube:

Fans interested in winning can submit an entry through Johnsonville Sausages website. The company asks couples to explain why they deserve the win — and, of course, who their favorite SEC teams are.