Coming home to St.Louis, and leading the team of meteorologists at 5 On Your Side is a dream come true for Craig Moeller.

Graduating from Mizzou with a degree in Atmospheric Science, people would ask Craig, "If you could choose your ultimate job in broadcasting, where would you want to be?" His answer was always, "Someday I would love to be chief meteorologist at KSDK!"

5 On Your Side was the station he grew up watching. Little known side fact: He made his debut on St. Louis television on 5 On Your Side back in 1985. He was with a group of friends and featured on the news after setting up lawn chairs, a television, and a little grill outside Busch Stadium for the World Series! They were just starting at Lafayette High School and couldn't afford tickets, so they soaked up the celebration of the game from just outside the ballpark.

While studying meteorology at Mizzou, Craig started his broadcast career at KOMU, covering weather, and co-hosting on "Pepper and Friends!" when Paul Pepper would go on vacation. While working there, Craig honed his broadcasting skills and severe weather forecasting. He storm-chased, and gained valuable perspective and experience while covering the Great Flood of 1993. Craig says he'll never forget flying out of St. Louis and seeing the vast areas around St. Louis completely submerged.

After leaving mid-Missouri and KOMU, Craig headed for KUTV in Salt Lake City, where he worked with a retired Air Force meteorologist who helped him advance his forecasting abilities. He gained a wealth of experience in satellite weather interpretation, because the mountains prevented the weather team from relying on radar in many weather situations. Craig also got extensive experience in winter weather forecasting, mountain meteorology, and lake-effect snow.

Next, it was off to Virginia where Craig remained for 19 years. He learned all about tropical meteorology, and studied the vast and complex issues around our ever-changing climate. Norfolk, and its neighboring cities, is one of the nations most vulnerable areas to sea level rise.

Over those 19 years, several job opportunities came along, but Craig and his wife were committed to raising their three sons in a great environment, were fully invested and involved within the community.

But the chance to come to St. Louis and 5 On Your Side was too much to pass up. So now the Moeller family is back home with family and friends, and thrilled to have their roots grow deep in this place that means so much to them.

Craig and his wife both grew up in the St. Louis area and have large extended families reaching all around the metro area, and out in Columbia.

Craig loves Cardinals baseball as much as anyone, bleeds Blue(s) during the hockey season, and is all-in for the Mizzou Tigers. He's active in the Mizzou Alumni Association and looks forward to plugging into the St. Louis Chapter!

He has coached his three sons in basketball, soccer, and most extensively, travel baseball! He carries a set of golf clubs, enjoys yoga, and engages in almost all varieties of physical training. He also enjoys camping and float trips, so keep your eyes open if you're out on the Jack's Fork, or the Current River! As a man of faith, Craig truly values spending time with friends and loved ones as much as anything.

"It is great to be home!" Craig said.