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Budweiser Super Bowl ad celebrates 'typical Americans'

‘America, look beyond the labels. You might be surprised by what you find.'
Credit: Twitter: Budweiser

ST. LOUIS — “Typical Americans.”

It’s a phrase commonly used abroad and not typically with the best intentions. But Anheuser-Busch is looking to change that in 60 seconds during the biggest night in TV this year.

The brewery released its first 2020 Budweiser Super Bowl ad Thursday morning.

"America, look beyond the labels. You might be surprised by what you find," it wrote on Facebook with the full commercial.

Throughout the ad, the narrator listed common complaints about “typical Americans,” but what was shown on screen demonstrates how we can go above and beyond the stereotypes.

You can watch the full Super Bowl ad by clicking on the tweet below.

Here's the full rundown of what's said and what's seen:

“They call us typical Americans, maybe because we live typical American lives."

"Like this typical American, showing off his strength. So typical”
A firefighter carries a fire hose, silhouetted buy a large, glowing orange fire that’s behind him.

“Look at him, touching other people’s things.”
A man pushes a car stuck in the snow.

“Always so competitive.”
A woman with a disability finishes a race and ends at the finish line in tears.

“Typical Americans, showing up uninvited.”
A U.S. Army Reserve veteran surprises a doctor at his office. The two end in a tearful hug.

“Removing their clothes in public.”
Cell phone video shows a man literally taking the shirt off his back and putting it on a man in need on a subway train.

“Yelling and being loud.”
Protesters take to the streets, marching for change.

“Just look at them.”
A man stands in front of a line of police officers who are holding shields. He’s wearing a ‘Free Hugs’ shirt and giving the peace sign with his hands.

“Thinking they can save the world.”
The man and one of the officers hug.

“Typical Americans, always celebrating with their typical American beer.”
The U.S. Women’s Team celebrates winning the World Cup and the Washington Nationals celebrate their first World Series win—both spraying bottles of Budweiser.

“So, next time someone labels you typical, show them what typical can do.”

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