I remember like it was yesterday -- it was my first experience at Carl’s. I was 16 years old.  I didn’t realize a burger could be that tasty.

I was in love. I have been 100 times since. Then I had a relationship with the Village Bar. I had an affair with Mac’s. I have dated O’Connell’s Pub. How can life get can any better than the perfect burger?

Well, we have a new one. Stacked Burger Bar, or Stacked STL or Stacked Restaurant. I'm not sure what you call it except incredibly tasty. They have more of a selection for toppings than my wife does for shoes in her closet.

They are all fabulous. The meat comes from Kuna and that is always a good thing.

But they just care so much. Try the jalapenos on the burger, or the onion jam, or the white bean hummus or the curried tomato jam.  

Folks, this place is a winner.


ST. LOUIS - About 6 months ago, some friends called and said we are going to Peno Soul Food Restaurant. I have always liked soul food and told them 'I'm in.' The restaurant serves soul food with a twist... 'southern Italian soul food.' Different than I thought and impressed I was.

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